Just a few days ago, a tidal wave of hope washed over my heart as I discovered an often overlooked passage in the book of John. The disciples are rowing their boat across a stormy sea in the dark of night trying to reach the port town of Capernaum.

The Bible says they managed to row more than three miles but as the storm worsened, not only was their forward progress halted, they were also pushed farther away from their destination.

Have you ever been in a situation like this? Two steps forward followed by three steps back? It seems no matter how hard you work or how much you pray – there is no forward progress.

The disciples, exhausted after straining at the oars for hours, are suddenly filled with fright as they notice a figure walking toward them across the top of the waves. Jesus shouts over the roar of the storm, “Don’t be afraid! It’s just me.” To add some context: this never-before-seen miracle unfolds just hours after Jesus multiplied a tiny snack of bread and fish into a satisfying feast for thousands of people.

Now for the climax of this story: The moment Jesus steps into the boat, they immediately reached Capernaum (John 6:21). Immediately they arrived at their destination!

I wish there was some commentary at this point. Wouldn’t you love to read descriptions of their amazement and wide-eyed confusion as they try to wrap their minds around the truth that their Savior is not only a water-walking, miraculous multiplier but also has divine authority over time and space.

Immediately. What a hope-filled word! Immediately their battle against the raging elements was ended! Immediately their prayers were answered. Immediately their problems were resolved.

Although I know God often makes us wait patiently for His plans to unfold, isn’t it comforting to know that “Immediately” is also a divine possibility?

What if we have an “immediately” in our future?

Someone once said: “God is a God of acceleration.” He is not limited by the lack of forward motion. In one moment – He can heal our diseases, remove our sins as far as the east is from the west, wash shame right out of our lives, and breathe hope and new life into our weary, defeated places.

“JESUS can accomplish more in one moment through HIS SPIRIT than we could accomplish in 10,000 lifetimes on our own.” (J.D. Greer)

May we refuse to be discouraged when all forward motion has ceased because miraculous breakthroughs are one of our Almighty God’s many signature moves!

Lord, stir our hearts with the “immeasurably more” of Your heart!