I Will Not Be Shaken!

psalm 62:6

I Will Not Be Shaken!

One of my favorite declarations of faith is written by King David during a time of great upheaval. Some Bible scholars believe David penned these words during the time his son, Absalom, plotted to take over the kingdom forcing David to run for his life.

In his turmoil of heartache and betrayal, we catch an intimate glimpse into the soul-wrestling of this giant of faith. David’s world is shaken, personally and politically, yet with steadfast faith he writes:

Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him. Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken. (Psalm 62:5-6)

Twice in this short psalm, David instructs his soul to refuse panic and find peace in the power and protection of his Almighty God. Three times he praises God as his Rock and his Salvation.

Within the fortress of God’s faithfulness, David’s steadfast cry of faith rings out:

I will not be shaken!

I’m continually surprised how easily my world is shaken and how quickly I allow stress and unexpected difficulties to steal my joy and peace.

What about you? What shakes your world? What is most likely to threaten your security and steal your peace?

Instead of becoming a stressed out mess, why not follow David’s example and battle discouragement by preaching God’s truth to our collective hearts.

“Yes – this is really bad – but my hope comes from God alone, not from a trouble-free life. God, You are my faithful fortress and Your kingdom is unshakable, therefore I will NOT be shaken!”

Do we truly believe that God is for us and that nothing can stand against us? Are we certain of God’s unfailing love? Do we walk by faith and not by sight?

David refused to allow his faith to be shaken by personal assaults or frightening uncertainties. Instead he praised the rock-solid sovereignty and unshakable power of God. Is there any area of your life where you need to refuse worry and choose to rest in the peaceful assurance of God’s faithfulness?

Imagine how our faith would deepen if we daily echoed David’s words:

God is my Rock, my Salvation and my Fortress. I will not be shaken!