The Long Reach of God’s Arm

numbers 11:23

The Long Reach of God’s Arm

“How in the world can God take this heartache, this hardship, and somehow work it all out for my good?”

“How can God possibly keep His promises in light of the impossible situations in my life?”

If ponderings such as these have ever thudded through the hidden places in your heart, you’re not alone.

That’s exactly what happened to Moses. Stress was mounting as the approximately 2,000,000 “complainers” in his neighborhood clamored for meat to eat. They were sick of the manna and regaled each other with delicious descriptions of the food they used to enjoy back in “the good old days” when they were slaves in Egypt.

Moses is overwhelmed by the tremendous burden of caring for all the whiners and complainers in his life. Have you ever felt that way?

Wisely Moses runs to his Almighty God for help.

God hears his heart-cries and lays out a powerful promise.

He will supply massive quantities of meat for all the people – enough meat to last for a month, enough to make them so sick of all the food – they will regret ever complaining against the Lord for rescuing them from slavery.

“Hurray! God will supply!” Moses celebrated.


That’s NOT what happened at all. Moses didn’t celebrate. He sulked.

God’s promise of abundant supplies didn’t bring comfort or peace to Moses’ heart. Instead he becomes a stressed-out-mess as his mind is consumed with the practical impossibilities of how in the world God will manage to keep His Word.

Moses’ response sounded something like this: “Do you SEE how many people are out there?? Even if ALL the flocks and herds are slaughtered, even if ALL the fish in the seas are caught for them, it will NOT be enough food for A MONTH! So thanks for making my life harder!”

It requires very little imagination for me to picture this scene because I too have “ranted and raved” before the Lord about HOW in the world He was ever going to take care of the impossibilities in my life.

The Lord answered Moses, “Is the Lord’s arm too short? Now you will see whether or not what I say will come true for you.” (Numbers 11:23)

This one description of God’s faithfulness and power captivates my imagination.

The stress of “how” God will fulfill His promises begins to fall away in light of “WHO” is making the promise.

All God’s promises are backed by the honor of His Name. (Psalm 138:2 NLT). The long reach of God’s arm extends across our nation, around the globe and into every crevice of our lives.

His All-Powerful arm is certainly not too short!

As you consider your life’s situations, have you allowed the “how” to get in the way of “WHO”?

Lord, You sat as King at the flood and You sit enthroned as King forever! Nothing escapes Your reach. Your majesty and glory fills the earth. I cast all my cares on You, believing that in Your power and faithfulness, You will care for me and for those I love. You will keep Your Word. I love You Lord. I trust You.