Welcome, friends, to a place where we get to be REAL . . .

with ourselves, with each other, and especially with our Lord. As we dive into the deep waters of HIS GRACE, let’s be honest as we wrestle through the tough questions of our faith. Together may God teach us more of what it means to embrace a courageous and intimate walk of faith.

A glimpse at my heart:

I was surprised by hope the day my heart was broken. I’ve been further surprised by joy and peace even when reeling from years of the unexpected and overwhelming. I’ve laughed as friends commented: “Your Christmas letters are our favorite; we can’t believe all that happens to your family in a year.” I like to think the reason people are drawn to our stories, is because they see a family held together by the love and grace of Jesus. But it’s not always pretty. Even though our children are grown, life continues to be downright messy and full of honest struggles of faith.

Mine have sounded something like this: “Lord, I’m so tired of having to believe You to do impossible things! Just for one day, I’d like my biggest faith struggle to be believing You for a good parking space at WalMart!!”

On that particular day, God surprised me with hope once again as He led me to a passage of Scripture where He proved He is an unstoppable God who doesn’t even know the word “impossible”. These messy places of life have become some of my favorites because I’ve discovered the delights of a personal Savior who steps into the mess of my life and meets me right where I fall . . . Every.Time.

This ministry – every word spoken, written, and taught – has been learned in the messy places of life – as the Lord patiently takes me by the hand and teaches me more of what it means to embrace a courageous and intimate walk of faith.

I’d like to invite you to join me on this journey of faith. My vision is to connect with women as we connect to the heart of God. I’d love to hear your stories and pray for you as we journey together.


Kelly Hall, Courageous Faith, Surrendered Heart
Courageous Faith
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“This superb bible study will challenge you in your daily walk with Jesus and help you make deep personal applications. Kelly shares from her personal life challenges and from the depth of her daily walk of faith. She has a love for God’s Word and a desire to see people grow in their faith and confidence in Him.”

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