Kelly Hall - Cultivating Unsshakable Hope in an Unfailing God

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My greatest joy is experiencing God's power as He closes the gap between what we believe and how we live. I love going to the Word and allowing God to answer my deepest questions. How do I trust Your heart when Your ways and delays are breaking mine? What does it look like to live each day convinced You really are the powerful and loving God You say You are? My passion is linking arms with women as we pursue deeper hope in our faithful Lord and discover His voice can be louder than our problems and His love larger than our fears.


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Corageous Faith Book Cover
Discover the seven keys to living courageously in life’s adventures

Courageous Faith

Imagine how different your life would be if you were absolutely convinced God’s Word is true.

As believers, we have the power of the Almighty Living God dwelling inside of us: the power to move mountains, slay giants and walk on the water. And yet in our everyday lives, we tiptoe cautiously around His promises, when we could be boldly and courageously standing on the Word and living the victorious life available to all His children. Our God invites us to believe with life-altering conviction that He is big enough to be trusted with every moment of our lives. As you study God’s word through Courageous Faith, you will be encouraged to refuse old ways of living and courageously step out each day with fresh eyes of faith.

Sara McKinsey

Women's Ministry Leader and Writer

"As a leader in Women's Ministry I am always searching for Bible Studies and speakers that encourage women on the often hard road of living our faith in the midst of challenging circumstances. Kelly Hall brings authenticity and inspiration, coupled with humor and pragmatism, both in her writing and as a gifted presenter. After completing Courageous Faith I couldn't wait to share it with my sisters in Christ; I knew it would bless and encourage them as it did me. Kelly Hall understands what 'walking by faith, not by sight' really means and she brings hope and humor as she communicates the Truths of God."

Sarah Findley

Author, Composer, Worship team member

"Kelly Hall is refreshingly down-to-earth, real, authentic, and genuine. Her deep love and compassion for women shines, not only in her Courageous Faith Bible study, but also in her speaking. I walk away inspired and motivated to walk courageously forward in my own life circumstances. God's anointing is on her and it's obvious by the way her writing and speaking penetrate my heart, urging me to be the woman God's created me to be."

Mary Moglia

Pastor's Wife and Teacher in Newburgh, New York: Heart's Desire Women's Retreat

"Kelly is authentic.the real deal! She has walked the walk of courageous faith which she shares so beautifully. She highlights her life circumstances which brought her over and over to the feet of Jesus and God's Word. Her strength, humility, and fun personality all speak to what the Lord can do in and through one wholly committed to Him. Each lady at our retreat was touched deeply by her testimony of God's love and faithfulness and came away with renewed strength and courage."

Trish Schlichte

Pastor's wife and Bible study teacher, Rio Rancho, New Mexico

"In all my years of ministry, I've never seen the Lord bring about so much life change through one Bible study in the same group of women. God continues to bring to mind thoughts and scriptures from Courageous Faith. This study is without a doubt an anointed work of the Lord. We can't wait for Kelly to speak at our next women's retreat."

Jan Ritter

PWOC Director and Bible study teacher, Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota

"Courageous Faith is A Must for Women!!! Courageous Faith is in my "Top 3" all time favorite Bible studies! I have been in women's ministry and continuously led or have been led in women's Bible studies for more than 20 years. This is a study ALL women need! God has led Kelly to devise some practical strategies that coincide with significant scriptures that help us apply our faith in the everyday or most difficult challenges in life. This study is POWERFUL! It is a resource to help you learn to trust God and use your faith to overcome adversity."

Sharon Spenst

Bible study teacher

"Courageous Faith is a solid, Biblically-based study calling each of us to let go of worries, doubt and fear and trust that our God will take care of us. Through this study, God has taught me to refuse to allow my circumstances and emotions to control my responses to daily irritations and unexpected events. I’m inspired to allow the truth of my unchanging, faithful God determine my responses. Kelly's transparency and her real-life stories have helped me apply these principles to my life. I have also seen God use the principles from this study to bring about spiritual growth in women’s lives, including my 89 year old neighbor, and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to grow more courageous in their faith."

Bobbi Hamilton

Pueblo, CO

"Courageous Faith is the best Bible study I've ever done. God speaks to me each time I open the book and has used it to draw me closer to Himself. He has also brought healing to some wounded places in my heart. I have done Bible studies by some of the top Christian authors of our day, and although they are all wonderful Bible studies, none of them has touched me they way Courageous Faith has. This is truly an anointed work of the Lord."


Hope for the Weary

Psalm 126 holds a prayer for God’s rescue from sorrow. I resonated with the hopeful cries for breakthrough as I ached and prayed for our family. In reply, God poured this prayer through my soul:

“A day will come when laughter will once again ring in a season of celebration. Joy will shout for all to hear:

The Lord has done great things for me. Our Deliverer has broken through! Our Savior reduced to rubble the mountains of opposition that loomed for decades. Our Rescuer with one mighty sweep of His right hand made a way where there was no way. Our Restorer breathed new life and health into places of brokenness and disease. Yahweh, unleash Your Possible across the landscape of our impossible. We look to You, our only hope.”
(A Psalm of Hope and Lament, June, 2019)